I currently work for Facebook Reality Labs in New York City building the future of reality (AR/VR/XR)


Before FRL I was the first employee of CTRL-Labs, which was acquired by Facebook in Fall 2019. At CTRL-Labs I worked on all sorts of different things to build a world where computers are natural extensions of self.

While working at CTRL-Labs, I attended Columbia University’s engineering school getting my BS in Applied Math in the Spring of 2019. While at Columbia, I also did some work on MEA spike sorting in Liam Paninski’s lab and developed my interests in geophysics and philosophy

Before Columbia, I was at Lehigh University for a year where I did my first year of undergrad before disregarding Andy Van Dam’s advice and transferred to Columbia instead of Brown. While I was there I also did some joint independent work with CTRL-Labs and Professor Michael Spear

Before Lehigh, I worked at Surround.io, which was acquired by Xevo in late 2016. At Surround I worked on building smart camera systems and learned the ropes from internet pioneers like John Ludwig, Sam Mckelvie, and John Cordell.


In my free time, I like to get outside and be active—climbing, hiking, and biking are my main pursuits these days. I also watch a lot of movies and try my best to read as much philosophy as my brain can handle.

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